All I Want For Christmas…

So the silly season is just around the corner – well its actually over a month away but judging by the way just about every retailer in the nation is attempting to force it down our throats you’d think it was tomorrow. People tend to go a bit nuts around Christmas and New Year and lots will attach a huge amount of significance to the time of year – often in the hope that it will be a period of great change and fulfilment.

And maybe because everyone wants it to be it can become that. The period right after Christmas is one of the busiest in the online dating calendar so i guess for many is about a change and a new start.

So what impact do all these yultide festivities have on the singletons of this world? Well thankfully Match have found out for us and this what we now know…

wish list

  • 46 percent of singles said finding a new partner was the one thing they really wanted.
  • 29 percent of singles who wanted a new job
  • 15 percent who wanted the new iPhone 4S.

Family Pressure

  • 29.2 percent of men lie about being in a relationship to avoid being pressured by family members over the holidays.
  • 16.7 percent of women do the same of the time.
  • About 41.3 percent of singles dread answering the question, “Why are you still single?” “Because I’m surrounded by people who are continually undermining my confidence with their constant surprise about my relationship status so i’m not really a great catch at the moment” is one possible answer.

Gifts & Longevity

  • 56 percent of women and 44 percent of men think that the cost of a gift is in direct correlation to the length of the relationship. All sounds a bit greedy!

So it seems that singles ain’t so keen on being single around Christmas. But then again the survey was run by Match who have millions of singles on their websites, paying good money not to be single anymore!



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