Are All Men Just Total Douchebags?

It’s written in the runes that heterosexual men are sex crazed philanderers who are constantly looking for a member of the opposite sex for midnight liaisons.  What’s more the male of the species is genetically programmed to sow their seed  as far and wide as possible to ensure that their genes have a place in the future history of human life.

But wait, hasn’t progressive society and culture had a huge impact on the way modern chaps behave and for the metro-sexual male monogamy has now become an important part of their make up. Or maybe they are just trained to think about being scoundrals rather than actually being them?

Well no, according to some analysis of dating site demographics carried out by Jody  Schechter from Compete Pulse men are still nothing but neanderthal sex maniacs.

Schechter took a look at the 30 top dating sites in the US and ranked them by total number of male visitors. She found that those with the highest propoportion of male visitors were affairs and adult sites catering for more illicit encounters. AffairsClub had a whopping 78% of it’s visitors coming from the male section of gender divide. In fact the top 8 sites had over 70% male visitors each.

This raises a couple of thoughts in our constantly whirring minds. a) how on earth do any of these blokes get their money’s worth – there’s not enough women to go round and b) are they all having affairs or looking for someone who’s willing to have affairs- not the same thing

Schechter also offers the rather sensible explanation that men join these sites because they’re marketed appeal to them. The few sites with more women have more innocent and romantic sounding names like eHarmony and  findmelove – not quite as explicit as, for example (ok we made that one up. we think).

So there you have it, maybe men are all inherant douchebags or maybe they’re just a product of the culture we live in and victims of media manipulation that tells us how we should  and shouldn’t behave. Good question!

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